Picking Berries

This weekend we went to a blackberry farm between McGregor and Ogelsby and picked blackberries. It was alot of fun and out of the routine. The place is called Punkin Center Berry Farm. We spent probably 45 minutes out there and got ALOT of blackberries, which some got eaten there, on the way home, or shared with Gaga and Papa.

Already munching...He would take one and say "I'm gonna go ahead and eat this one."

Being a very good helper/picker 

Showing off the goods 

The stash...Was about 6 quarts of berries. These were MUCH bigger than the ones you get at the grocery store. 

A great time together, as it was only our family out there, and an activity that brings back memories to me as my family used to go pick fruit together alot when  I was a kid.


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